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To ensure the high-quality of entries into the database and comments on Interactive Narratives, certain members of IN2.0 will have the ability to modify and delete any content found inappropriate or do not fit the guidelines outlined below:

  • Entries should be linked to a URL that is clearly a story or package. Links to portfolio websites or a page that aggregates more than one story (or package) will be deleted.
  • Entries should be linked to non-promotional materials or pages.
  • Entries and comments will not contain any profanity or inappropriate content.
  • Shameless self-promotion will not be tolerated and entries will be edited to reflect this requirement. Do not use the summary and comment fields to promote your website. You can always link to your website from your bio page.
  • Interactive Narratives reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use at anytime.
Mahalo for your cooperation.