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Interactive Timeline: The Lives and Careers of Obama and McCain

The Washington Post

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Produced by: Noel Smart, Sarah Lovenheim, John Amick, Ashley Bressler, Adam Ross, Hannah Simpson, Katharine Jarmul, Nancy Donaldson

Key moments from the lives of the two major-party candidates for president, including photos, video and stories from the archives. More…

Compare The Candidates Interactive

Internet Broadcasting

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Produced by: Greg Bro

Find out where the candidates stand on key issues. More…

An Uphill Battle

The Roanoke Times

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Produced by: Tracy Boyer, Seth Gitner, Laurence Hammack, Stephanie Klein-Davis, Evelio Contreras, Jared Soares

If Virginia becomes a swing state in this year's presidential election, Southwest Virginia could determine which way it swings. Religion, the economy and deep-felt patriotism could make the difference in the 9th Congressional District. More…

Electoral College Calculator

The Wall Street Journal

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Produced by: Wall Street Journal

Review the 2008 electoral map, hear from experts and create your own state-by-state election forecast. More…

The Black Vote

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

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Produced by: Brian Aguilar, Shimrit Berman, Laurie Burkitt, Sierra Filucci, Amy Jeffries, Kevin Jones, Danielle McNamara, Julia Olmstead, Elizabeth Shemaria, Lisa Pickoff-White, Eric Zassenhaus

The African-American vote has become a major focus during this national election with the presence of the first serious black contender, Barack Obama. Black voters are largely choosing between Obama and Hillary Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton, who Toni Morrison affectionately called the "first black president." Of those interviewed in Oakland on Super Tuesday, the vote leaned heavily towards Barack Obama and no one voted Republican. More…

Candidate Match Game II

USA Today

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Produced by: Juan Thomassie, Carlos Roig, Catalina Camia, Lee Horwich

Agree or disagree with statements on the issues in the 2008 presidential election and see which candidate you are closest to. More…