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Soul of Athens

Ohio University - School of VisCom

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Produced by: Adam Wilson, Bob Sacha, Brendan Tyo, Chad Stevens, Curt Nasipak, Jen Diamond, Lonnie Greenberg, Eric Mayville, Nick Lyons, Josh Dufford, Jeff Negrelli, Josh White, John Strawser Jr., Julianne Petrarca, Kedra Fairley, Keith Caldwell, Kelly Leff, Max Folley

tags: interactive, multimedia, video, storytelling, 2007, photojournalism, studentjournalism

Athens soul is restless. Its stories lie beneath the bricks, waiting to be exposed. Precariously balanced on the tip of cosmopolitan Appalachia, its uninhibited subcultures test the bounds of predictability.


Zach Wise

I don't think all the credits got in there so here are the rest: Mindi Sewell, Ryan Navaroli, Nicole Domanski, Emanuel Gonzalez, Nathan Rosson, Ryan Nasipak, Sharae Terrell, Tiffany Richter, Victor Vasquez, Michael Newman, Julia Marino, Liz Gray (cont..)

Zach Wise

(cont...) Meghan Louttit, Jeff Haller, Sherry DiBari, Chris Kelleher, Sonya Hebert, Zach Wise, Brian Storm.

David Johnson

this is an instant classic. i love the splash page's clean mix of ia/ux and show it frequently to text-heavy deep scrollers as a way to use the first screen to show it all.