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The Afghan Diaries

Bombay Flying Club

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Produced by: Henrik Kastenskov, Poul Madsen

tags: Afghanistan, war, diaries, Helmand, webdocumentary, danish, Denmark, soldiers, Bombayflyingclub,

A three part web documentary depicting two young danish soldiers experiences during one year of preparation for war, close quarter combat and it's aftermath.



BFC produces another compelling and beautiful presentation. I wonder though if the first intro song is copyrighted and why they chose to use it rather than a lesser-known, more fitting song for the piece ...

Hi Tracy

We pay royalties to various institutions to use music from established artists in our productions - so of course everything's taken care of legally ;-)

Glad you liked the piece ;-)


Poul Madsen

The choise of song was given to us by the soldiers themselves. Eventhough it does not tell from the story, it's a song they use to psyke each other prior to going into battle.

This is absolutely lovely. Beautiful job all around.


What great insight about the song ... it added another dimension to the story which made the intro even more powerful. Not sure how it could be incorporated, but it would be great if everyone knew this backstory! Nicely done :)